Emerging Trends in Personal Injury Law

Personal injury lawyers often strategise about providing better services to clients. However, as the lawyers ponder over excellent service delivery, the constantly evolving personal injury law field muddies the water even further. It means that personal injury lawyers must be at their absolute best to identify and understand emerging issues in the field. Most importantly, the awareness helps them make better decisions regarding customer service. Here are the emerging trends that personal injury lawyers should watch. [Read More]

How to Choose a 24-Hour Country Process Server

There are several reasons you may need process service. For instance, you may need divorce documents, summons, cross complaints, subpoenas, or restraining orders delivered to the other party. Suppose you need the documents delivered urgently, you certainly require a 24-hour country process service. Given there are numerous service providers in the market, how would you choose one? Read this guide for some tips.  Examine Reviews and Check the Company's Code of Ethics [Read More]

5 Questions To Ask Your Online Conveyancer

Although online conveyancing has existed for years, it has become popular in recent years owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to social distancing and movement restrictions, people are increasingly seeking the services of online conveyancers. The article below details some questions that you should ask your conveyancing professional. Hopefully, they will ensure you work with an experienced conveyancer.  1. What Is Your Area Of Operation?  Most people will forget to ask this question. [Read More]

Top Tips When Writing A Will

The will plays a critical role in the estate planning process since it gives direction on how you would want the estate managed and divided once you die. Below are some vital considerations to make when writing a will.  Decide What To Include In The Will In Australia, you can only bequeath property that you own. As such, you cannot include joint assets in the will. If you wish to incorporate such assets in the will, you should ensure that they are transferred in your name. [Read More]